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Some people are surprised to know that FitRobyn has not always been fit! The photo shown (below) shows Robyn on the left at age 17, just before graduating from High School. At the time of the photo on the right, Robyn was a nationally ranked NPC Bikini competitor at 39 years old, even after having 3 children. Robyn was not always "naturally thin" and has worked incredibly hard to reach the point where she is today.


Robyn grew up all over the US, living in 6 states before moving to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. In her first year of college, she gained the typical "Freshman 15" and felt very unhealthy and unhappy. This led Robyn to study more about health and nutrition. She started working part-time at a health food store, and got her first gym membership at age 20. Although she felt very out of place and uncomfortable in her skin at the gym, she slowly became acclimated to the environment and learned more and more about fitness until she discovered a new passion for it! At this point, Robyn declared her major as Exercise Science and found her mission in life. This catapulted her into a career and life-long journey in health and nutrition. At age 21, she taught aerobics at BYU, created and implemented a Vegetarian Nutrition program for her internship at the local gym, started one-on-one nutrition counseling, and began to live a new lifestyle. In the process, she lost the "Freshman 15" and felt like a new person!


In 1999, Robyn graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from BYU, and has since worked in some capacity or another in the fitness and health industry. Robyn is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, NPC Competition Coach, YogaFit Certified Instructor, Nutrition Counselor, Workshop Presenter, Spokesperson, and more.


Robyn started competing in NPC Bodybuilding competitions in 2012, and competed in 8 shows before being awarded the prestigious IFBB Pro Card in the Bikini Division in July 2015, which means that she competes at the Professional Level in the sport of bodybuilding through the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.


Robyn is frequently featured on local news stations as a Fitness Expert, and has been featured national networks, like TLC, as well. Her knowledge and background spans many facets of the health industry, including: public fitness facilities, holistic health counseling, retail health food, nutritional supplement industry, and private in-home training. She is also a busy fitness model, spokesperson, and represents many top fitness and health brands, such as: Quest Nutrition, Prime Nutrition, Deer Antler Spray, Celestial Bodiez, FitMark Bags, and more.


Through her work, Robyn has had the opportunity to help hundreds and even thousands of individuals, on all levels of fitness and health, ranging in age from 5-85. Whether the goal is weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, athletic performance, cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, speed and agility, joint mobility, or general functionality, she can help you reach your goals. Robyn specializes in personalized diet plans, custom menus, recipe ideas, clean eating, and more.


Robyn has a passion for health and wellness, her objective is to help people enjoy life, feel more confident, increase energy, and prevent illness and disease. She loves creating healthy recipes, motivate, and inspire those around her to improve their lives through exercise, good nutrition, and healthy habits.


Robyn lives in the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah with her three children.